October 2015


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Upcoming Events

Sheriffs Debate:  October 27: 7:00 pm:  Panola County Courthouse, Sardis, MS

 Jimmy McClure and Debbie Fletcher are forming a question and topic committee. Students and teachers from North and South Panola schools will participate. This is an important election, so please plan to attend.

Sponsored by the Sardis Chamber of Commerce and the Panolian

 Christmas Parade:  Thursday December 10th  6:00 pm

 AprilFest 2016 and Heflin House 5K Walk/Run: Saturday, April 2, 2016


Current Projects:

Dale and Penny Hart and Bill and Debbie Jones visited with the Atlanta Chamber during a recent trip to Texas. They picked up several new ideas that may help our Chamber.

As a result of this, the Chamber is developing a “Sardis” magazine to feature the Town and Chamber Members. Penny will be coming around over the next month and further explain the project and get some ideas to customize it for our area and businesses.  She will also discuss the map project with you and get your ideas as to which may be more beneficial.

New Member Drive:  The Chamber Board has authorized a half price sale on membership for new members:  The first year membership dues are:

            (1) = Business: $ 90.00 (Regular is $180.00)

            (2) = Businesses: $62.50/each/yearly (Regular is $125.00)

            Individual Membership: $60.00



September at a Glance:


On September 22nd, a group from the Coffeeville-United Methodist Church visited our town.   They contacted the Chamber through the internet and phone listing.  The group was given a tour of the Heflin House by Penny Hart and also toured the Sardis United Methodist Church.  They also enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Darmi’s.  All were very impressed with the Town and had a wonderful visit. 

We have been receiving several calls over the last few months from people in and around the area looking for housing.  The Chamber has been instrumental in helping these people locate available rental properties.  We keep a list of available rental properties on hand at all times.  If you have property to rent, please contact Penny to be included.

Penny is meeting regularly with Mayor Russell to discuss Town and Chamber projects, issues and concerns.  If you have anything you have questions about or would like to discuss, please contact the Chamber.


Explanation on Monthly Meetings:

I know many of you are wondering why we do not have our monthly lunch meetings.  In an earlier board meeting, it was decided that quarterly meetings may better serve the business community and that a monthly newsletter could be a solution to keep our Chamber members informed.  We will be scheduling a Quarterly Meeting in the near future.

During our discussions, it was noted that many businesses that participate and support the Chamber could not attend the noon meetings.  In an effort to make our Chamber more effective we decided to implement this method.  We hope this will improve our communication and information sharing with our members.

During the past several months we have been actively working on improving and developing the sardisms.com website.  Please visit this often as many topics and postings are made available.  Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page Sardis Mississippi Chamber of Commerce as well as the Sardis Main Street Facebook page.  I know many people do not go online often, for this reason we will mail the monthly newsletter to our non-email members and also make it available at many Chamber business around town.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me at info@sardisms.com or call me at 662.487.3451.  I welcome any input and feedback to help continue to make Sardis, The Way Life Was Meant to Be. 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me at info@sardisms or call me at 662.487.3451.  I welcome any input and feedback to help continue to make Sardis, The Way Life Was Meant to Be.


Penny Hart

Executive Secretary

Sardis Chamber of Commerce


Chamber of Commerce Board Members:

Dale Hart:  President

Iris Holloway:  Treasurer

Bo Holloway:  Past President

Roy Girner

Jim Hardin

Debbie Jones

Fran Locke

Cris Fletcher

Jimmy McClure